MarketWatch Scandinavia is a market research and business information consultancy providing a seamless range of research solutions for management, marketing and business information professionals. Our commissions range from small ad hoc business information enquiries to large continuous market research surveys.

Our highly skilled, dedicated research team has an unrivalled knowledge base and access to many information sources providing a powerful and efficient service that combines business intelligence with market research. MarketWatch is not tied to particular research methodologies, ensuring that our advice selects the most appropriate for client requirements.

MarketWatch offers a flexible, dynamic research consultancy service, which provides the information, the resources and the expertise to make business decisions. We improve our clients understanding of their customers and competitors and enhance their ability to exploit new opportunities. Unlike other research companies, we are not content with offering our clients market research services alone; we translate research finding into practical managerial policies.

Our approach

  • Enables decisions to be made

  • Inspires strategies

  • Encourages a course of action

MarketWatch first started out in 1988 and has since then done well over 7.000 surveys in different areas, which means that our experience and accumulated knowledge today is one of the most extensive in our field. Our main areas of expertise are those closely related to target groups, trademark development and market communication. The company has 9 employees situated in our office in the centre of Stockholm.

For more information, please send an e-mail to info [at] marketwatch.se